The Importance of Serving Others: How to Align Your Goals With The Power of The Universe

The Importance of Serving Others: How to Align Your Goals With The Power of The Universe

I recently finished reading the Go Giver and one of the concepts it introduced was the importance of service. In this day and age, I believe this is something people struggle with. I do think that most people want to help others BUT the mindset is  – once I have achieved financial success and happiness, THEN I can afford to be a giving person. One thing I love about the book the go giver is that it suggests “being a giving person – one who gives thoughts, attention, focus, time, energy, and value to others – is how you become successful in the first place.” I wanted to share this with you because I think it’s a concept that isn’t introduced to enough of us.

My favorite law from the go giver is “Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. In other words, your compensation is directly proportional to how many lives you touch. It’s not just a question of value, its a question of impact.” I think this is such an important concept to understand. Too many people think about opening up businesses to make a profit, not enough people think about opening up a business to solve a problem or to help other people. The thing is, when you focus on helping other people, your business will become profitable. Ever notice that the most successful businesses of our time have a focus on user experience and customer service (think Apple and Amazon).

As I’ve begun to incorporate reading, podcasts, etc. into my schedule, I’ve also noticed patterns across different bodies of work. This to me is usually a good sign that this particular idea or value is true and powerful. This message of service was also echoed by one of my favorite individuals in personal development, Jay Shetty.

Jay Shetty said recently during an episode of Leaders Create Leaders (another one of my favorite online shows),  “If you observe the universe carefully, every element in the universe is constantly serving. Constantly! The water provides us with energy. The trees provide us with nutrition. The oxygen is just fueling our bodies and its taking nothing from us. When you take shade of a tree, the tree doesn’t say ‘that will be two dollars’. The sun is giving light and growing our plants. Every element in the universe is serving. What I learned as a monk, is that the only way to be aligned with the universe is to serve [because the universe is also serving]. The universe is your ally.” I absolutely love this statement. It is so true and it is so powerful!

I think all entrepreneurs should be aware of this as it causes a necessary shift in mindset. If you are someone who is on the journey of self discovery or you are trying to discover your passions you should ask yourself about who you want to serve and how many people you would like to serve. If you are so lost, you have no idea what your purpose should be, this is way to get your compass pointing to your true north!

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